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Maybe It Is Time To Change Your Old CMS

Maybe It Is Time To Change Your Old CMS

Find out the top signs to change your web Content Management System

Speed, simplicity and more tools are only some of the reasons to go for a modern CMS.

Start looking for your next modern CMS if:

You are not allowed to access the whole code of your website and thus, there are limits to what you can do or change. This means that you cannot update certain sections or create new ones without asking your developer to assist. For which in most times you have to be charged and wait.

It is too slow and it takes you too long to make changes, especially when you need to fix a new price, publish a quick update or a flash offer in order to share in social media.  It takes too long to open, navigate, save or upload while in many cases it gets stuck.

You can’t publish to desktop and mobile simultaneously and you need different tools for different platforms, different logins and logouts and in most cases the results are not identical because two separate tools don’t always result to identical updates.

You need to create an e-shop and an e-catalogue for your business as well as  a few new sections but your CMS doesn't give you such options so you need to hire a designer and a developer to create any new additional projects from scratch.


In other words, you don’t have the appropriate tools to grow your company because you don’t have a flexible corporate website, you can’t improve business responsiveness, reduce customer support costs and the list goes on and on.


Webstudio CMS

Why Webstudio
Our CMS Platform WebStudio is an advanced Web Content Management System that includes a variety of tools so that you can easily update the content of your website as well as perform a number of administration tasks related to its management.

Its modular design makes WebStudio CMS a future-proof investment
as its functionality can grow along with your company’s future requirements! WebStudio CMS is the ideal Web CMSif you own a small or a medium sized company and want to take your corporate content online or automate parts of your business.

Learn more about WebStudio CMS, our platform for all devices and let us help you reach the widest possible audiences!


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