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7 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Catalogue To An eCatalogue

7 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Catalogue To An eCatalogue

If your print catalogue is a big part of your marketing plans then it’s time to think digital too!

Consider your digital audience an endless pool of potential customers who literally wait behind their screens to see what you’ve got for them, while very few of them will ever get their hands on your print catalogue. The place, the time and volume of your print catalogues are issues that may increase your costs a lot; however, these are no issues for a digital catalogue. And there is more!

1. Cost.  Although in print catalogues you have to pay each time you create them and then, also pay the distribution costs, your e-catalogue is something you create only once. Then, you may publish, distribute and update it as many times as you like, at no additional cost!


2. Reach. There is absolutely no limit of your catalogue’s reach if you decide to convert it to an online one. You don’t need extra catalogues if you wish to be seen from literally everywhere on the planet! You also don’t have to pay any distribution costs at all, you just need a targeted digital (or social) campaign at a very low cost or an email to your customers and your reach automatically gets huge!


3. Updates. Why have only one catalogue a year? If the cost is keeping you back then you should convert to digital and publish as many catalogues per year as you like. An online catalogue platform helps you to create one as soon as you get new products in order to instantly inform your audience and keep their interest high with constant reminders of what’s new in your shop!


4. Flexibility. If your print catalogue contains mistakes or if you decided to boost your sales with a lower price then there is nothing you can do to inform your customers or potential customers. On the other hand, with the digital version, you have all the freedom to make changes in seconds, announce new prices, sales, even to add or remove products and instantly inform your customers, at no additional cost, of everything important regarding your products!


5. Brand. By increasing your catalogue’s reach and the interest of your audience with constant reminders of your business and also by publishing a greater number of catalogues, your brand awareness is also increasing. Your online presence becomes stronger and by being so active online, your brand has a serious advantage against your competitors!


6. Reports. Until now, you only guessed the exact results of your catalogues. And by guessing, we don’t mean details but just vague numbers. We are sure that not in your wildest dreams could you have imagined that a digital catalogue allows you to tell the exact number of people that actually read it, their age and more details on demographics, which products they saw, the time they spend reading and if they proceeded to purchases. And if you wish, the statistics can even go deeper. For the first time you will know your exact ROI!


7. E-shop.  If you always wanted to but didn’t want to risk it, a digital catalogue will be able to show you if you should move on to the next step and convert your online catalogue to an e-shop in order to create an additional sales channel for your business and even go global!


Create your eCatalogue now and rule all devices!

Our Platform Webstudio will give you the best possible virtual eCatalogue for your products that will provide you with exceptional control in order to keep an accurate, innovative digital publication for all mobile devices and increase the brand value of your products!

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