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Life Of An Ad - Traditional Versus Digital Advertising

Life Of An Ad - Traditional Versus Digital Advertising

Have you ever thought your ads' lifespan compared to their cost? You should.

In the old days, every time you paid for an ad - let’s say a TV spot - you knew that it lived for as long as your audience would see it. 2-3 minutes at most. Sometimes, when the message was too interesting or entertaining it could live a little longer. The same happened with radio ads and print. The ads lived for as long as they were broadcasted or displayed and they were very costly.

Furthermore, if you were aiming at a bigger exposure for your brand, you had to pay even more money for prime time ads, meaning ads that were displayed when most of the viewers were watching which was really expensive.

New media changed all that for good and especially for medium and small businesses with limited advertising budgets. If you too own a medium or small business and you are still using traditional advertising for your ads, here the main reasons to consider new media:

Your ads live forever! Internet is always there and so are your messages. Whether on your website or your social media pages, your audience can see, search and speak about your messages online. Furthermore, for as long as your paid ads (social media ads, banners, text, video ads, etc.) are displayed, your audience may see them. They are not disappearing from the screen after a few seconds. They remain visible for days, weeks or as long as you want them to be.

You pay what you want! In the digital ads case, the price is very low and not fixed according to the media you will use for your ads. Instead, you get to say your budget by setting limits to the costs and by customizing your ads and spending according to your results. That way you may run campaigns with a very limited budget!

You know the results of each ad! Until now, there was no accurate way to measure the results of each ad in the traditional media. You couldn’t know how many people saw your ad, who visited your business and who actually became a customer. Now, you can tell all that plus you know all demographic details of your audience as well as the final return on investment for your business!

If you are not yet convinced see the numbers and why digital marketing is killing traditional marketing in the following infographic:

 Digital Vs Traditional Marketing


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