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Smartphone Demographics. Have A Look And Then Plan.

Smartphone Demographics. Have A Look And Then Plan.

Serve your audience better by knowing the facts and making the most of the mobile devices’ capabilities!

Planning a mobile strategy would be a very different task this year, since most statistics show an enormous increase in their use, which is about to place smartphones on top of the marketing mix landscape.


Furthermore, if you wish for an effective and profitable mobile campaign for your business, you should first be aware of the facts such as users demographics, operating systems market share, brands that dominate smartphone purchases, as well as the total expenditures per family regarding mobile devices and apps.


For instance, you should first find out if your target group owns a smartphone or even a mobile device in the first place, before considering basing your whole digital campaign on mobile.A successful mobile strategy should be interesting, relevant, sharable and most importantly, able to reach the biggest possible audiences for your business.


Take a look at the following infographic and find out the latest mobile data and users’ demographics:

Mobile Market Share and Users Demographics

Your audience expects you to have a mobile app for your business! Don’t hesitate to ask what our Mobile Applications team can build for you!

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